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So you are thinking about signing up for a subscription and curious as to what your money will be getting you. Well, hopefully this post will explain exactly just that.

  1. The Working Sheet. This is the bread and butter of building lineups. A massive sheet filled with all the data you need to help guide your decision making. For each player it will have air yard data, market share data, WOPR, projections, leverage ratings, aDOT, red zone usage, pace of play data, Vegas info, xTD, range of outcomes probability, and more all at a glance. You can think of this as a tool to help you make the optimal decisions when thinking about a 2v2 in a cash game lineup, or who to use in your game stack for tournaments. It’s purpose is to help cut out the fat and filter out the noise to make some data based decisions.
  2. DFS analysis – aka “Concise Conviction”. This is a written analysis where I give my general thoughts on the slate, 1-2 game stacks I think will be good leverage/a little under-owned, and my core plays for the contests that I will be playing in. Keep in mind I focus on mid sized tournaments (500-5000 players in the field), so not everything you see will be geared towards playing cash. However, some of my core plays will be good cash plays, it is just dependent on the slate. This analysis is not going to be some long winded, 10,ooo word article. In my opinion those are unnecessary and the point of my article is that it will be brief, but comprehensive.
  3. Projections. You will get player projections and player ownership projections for both FanDuel and DraftKings. You will see them in the working sheet, but I will also provide them as a separate chart on the site and make it easily downloadable for you in .csv form as well. The projections will also include range of outcomes and the probability of that player hitting their ceilings etc.
  4. My Betting Picks. Look, I am not a professional bettor, but I do take it seriously. From player props, ATS, money line, and more, whatever I bet that week I will post for you to tail,,, if you want. Here is my NFL betting data since August 1st of 2019. 349WAGERS, 180-166-4RECORD, +19.01uUNITS. 
  5. Study Sessions. As a player, I think one of the most important things we can do is review how we play, how pros plays, and what trends are showing up in contest/roster construction. I am always doing subscriber lineup reviews, study the previous slate, and doing recorded video sessions of my results (and subscriber’s results). There is a reason why the best poker players in the world are constantly studying hand history and the same applies here to us in DFS.
  6. Discord. A lot goes down in the discord and we have built a great community so far. A lot of people sharing thoughts on lineup construction, general strategy, breaking news, tilting the slate together and a lot more.
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Let me know if you have any questions!

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